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It is easy to see how it all works. Just click the icons below to install the app on your mobile phone and click on "Demo" on the home screen of the app. 

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Every interaction, even a brief one, that a patient has with a hospital staff member leaves an impression on the patient. The interactions are categorised by the patient into positive or negative and neatly tucked away in their subconscious. In general, at the end of the patient journey, the sum of these positives and negatives becomes the overall patient experience. 

There are however ways to change and influence the overall perception. An "End Peak" is a great way to leave the patient with a positive impression. The idea is to end the journey with a peak positive experience, as this seems to be remembered the most by the patients.  A pleasant and unexpected surprise at the end of the journey can help a hospital deliver this "End Peak" experience to the patients. 

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