The Background

Forum Business Research is a 4 year old joint venture between Forum Business Research (Netherlands) and Winnou Systems and Services (P) Ltd (India).

Forum Business Research (Netherlands) is a 25 year old market research firm based in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. They have over the years worked with several large and medium sized customers such as Philips, Rabobank, Robeco, Dutch Railways, Dutch Tax Administration and others. The idea of continuous, short cycle feedback directly to the field staff responsible for the service and helping them improve their service delivery levels was conceived in 2006 and then conceived as a niche product, Performitor, in 2006.

Winnou Systems and Services is a 9 year old private limited technology products firm based in Hyderabad, India. Its strength lies in software product development using agile methodologies, open source technologies for web application development and deployment in Amazon Cloud Platform as well as most recently mobile application development in Android and iOS platforms.

Forum approached Winnou in Aug 2009 to look at the possibility of developing Performitor at an offshore company located in India. After the product was developed and deployed, Winnou researched the possibility of launching the product in India and eventually this Joint Venture, Forum India, was born in Oct 2011.

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